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Inspiring change within the growing aerospace economy

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The mission of the STAR HARBOR Education Foundation (SHEF) is to “advance the space industry through the inspiration, education, and cultivation of the next generation technical workforce”. Working with the STAR HARBOR Academy who are partners in industry, education, and philanthropy, the SHEF seeks to assist the generation of solutions for today’s largest challenges facing this burgeoning aerospace industry. We aim to strengthen Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access (DEIA) in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education by designing the STAR HARBOR Public Inspiration (PI) Center which is a location-based experience that raises awareness for the next generation of space workers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

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Pre - Skilling

A critical mission of the STAR HARBOR Education Foundation is to generate interest in the aerospace sector for children at a young age, while promoting equality in our growing landscape. SHEF’s Pre-Skilling efforts are focused on igniting the next generation of space capabilities and workforce development by reaching K-12 students through STEAM curricula.


With the ongoing shortage of skilled workers within the aerospace sector, SHEF has designed an elaborate path to training and educating adults who are interested in shaping the future of space travel and exploration. In support of the STAR HARBOR Main Campus, SHEF assists in creating postsecondary training for universities and adult learners looking to enter the aerospace sector.

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The STAR HARBOR Education Foundation aspires to support those individuals who are currently working in the aerospace sector but wish to advance their education and training. This workforce initiative of Upskilling aims to train Subject Matter Experts so they can sharpen their proficiency by completing Industry-Recognized Credentials (IRC’s).

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Nothing defines a more positive contribution to society than transforming education. MindSpark is so proud to partner with the STAR HARBOR Education Foundation to create and deliver relevant and viable opportunities for ALL students to engage in the Aerospace industry and all it offers. Bringing together innovation and tangible solutions, this ally ship supports the entire system from education to employment.

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Kellie Lauth
President/CEO, MindSpark Learning

One of STAR HARBOR's primary goals is to inspire future generations of young people to reach for the stars! Together, the STAR HARBOR Academy and the STAR HARBOR Education Foundation will provide exciting and truly unique learning opportunities that will open up an entirely new Universe of experiences and career possibilities. Ad Astra!

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Maraia Tanner

Gateway Global is excited to partner with the STAR HARBOR Education Foundation in scaling our successful model into Colorado to train the next generation Geospatial Intelligence technicians. By providing industry-recognized credentials in this growing field to high school students, coupled with stackable credentials post-high school, this model puts students on a pathway to more role responsibility and higher pay within the industry.

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Zekita Armstrong Asuquo
Chair/CEO of Gateway Global
Solar System

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Maraia Tanner
Board Chair
David Eddy
Board Member
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Tim Spuck
Board Member
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Michael Bennett
Board Member
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